About us

We've been involved in fashion for a good few years. But that also means we're fully aware of its impact on the environment.
Our brand aims to tackle that.
From the outset our focus has been on sustainability; we've selected materials that are organic and recycled, with the ultimate goal of making the world, and your bottom half, a better place to be in. We aim to do our bit.
"Designed to be seen": We've grown bored of traditional men's underwear. The lower reaches of the body (should) be fun and exciting, therefore we're bringing new shapes, designs, cuts and colours to the table. We want men to feel really sexy. Like, really sexy.
Embracing and celebrating the magnificent male form should be inclusive of all. There are no rules to what is and what isn't sexy. Catering to all, our sizes run from S to XXXL, with management and production done entirely by ourselves in our own atelier.

Custom Liquid